The success story started with the Dinko JBS soda, a soda manufacturing and distribution business in Sambalpur, Orissa. The founder of the group Shri Dayaal Singh Hura showed his entrepreneurial skill at a very early age.. Due to some changes in the government policies the unit had to be shut down and a new step was needed to be taken. Then they ventured into growing textile retail business .Jasbir Singh, the eldest son, very young at that time showed his long-term vision. Result, the Store, Harjit Cloth Store, became one of the most sought after retail outlets dealing in textiles. read more


Elder Son of Sr.Jasbir Singh, Sr Shamsher Singh having completed his M.B.A from the west returned India. He is being well assisted by younger brother,Sr.Rishipal Singh. Continuing in their father’s foot-step they decided to have a pan-Orissa footprint.New & fresh ideas along with the birth of “THE JAS GROUP” took placeThe group is into fields as diverse as Distribution, Retailing, Automobile, Education, Real Estate and hospitality.

To be a leader in fields we are with a clear focus on each of our business.

To deliver superior value to our customers, employees and society at large.

Integrity | Commitment | Passion | Ethical practices | Speed
Jas Constructions is part of Jas Group conglomerate. The group has been in its core business of hospitality and retail development for over 3 decades now,
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The company is master franchisee for Reebok in the state of Orissa and has franchisee for Levis & levis Signature having stores all across Orissa,
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Ethny is India’s first real affordable boutique brand in India. Derived fro the word Ethnic, Ethny is a registered trademark with CEO Simran Kaur and It deals
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Welcome to our website. Hotel Sheela Towers is an elegant hotel located in the heart of Sambalpur city. Sambalpur represent many things to many people.
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New & fresh ideas along with the birth of “THE JAS GROUP” took placeThe group is  into  fields as diverse as Automobileand hospitality.
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